Health supplement that supports, boost and strengthens the immune system.

MZN is a health supplement that supports, boost and strengthens the immune system.

100% Natural

Does not contain artificial ingredients or presevratives. Made with plant extract.


Strengthens the body’s resistance against viruses.

Builds Immunity

When you have immunity, your body can recognize and fight off viruses.


Supply, reinforce, enhances your health system.

MZN was primarily developed as a supplement to support Cancer patients undergoing Chemotherapy.

As matters progressed, it was found to assist in relieving the symptoms of other ailments, reducing Cholesterol, stabilizing bloods glucose, boosting the immune system of persons with HIV/AIDS and Covid, amongst others.

Available in 2 Sizes

150g | 450g

The 150g pot lasts up to 1 month* and the 450g pot lasts up to 3 months*
The product is a cream coloured paste that binds the actives in the product. It has an extremely sweet taste that originates from the Stevia plant which is used as an anti-oxidant.

*Dosage: 1g / 15kg | Use after a meal

Roxy Louw

South African model, actress, and surfer. Daughter of legendary South African rugby player, Rob Louw. 

“My father introduced me to MZN after he started using it in 2016. It has now become part of my daily routine.”


GLORY STORY!!! Amazing Product!! My son from Ireland bought two big jars…they are seeing amazing results already!! My husband and myself have been taking the MZN for nearly a month and we can proudly say we have been experiencing amazing healing. My husband has been using it on his nose from blotches he has from cycling…they are fading away!!” ~ Bev Biggs

“My kennismaking met MZN was beslis een van die beste dinge wat tot nog toe met my gebeur het. Kort nadat ek dié middel drie jaar gelede daagliks begin gebruik het, het ek soos ‘n nuwe mens begin voel en sommer gou-gou was geen taak vir my meer te groot of te moeilik om aan te pak nie” ~ Ben Strydom

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does MZN have any side effects?


can i use mzn while using anticoagulants (aspirin/warfarin)?

It is not recommended to use MZN whilst using anticoagulants.

if i feel sick how much mzn can i take daily?

You can take your normal dosage in the morning and afternoon until you feel better.

what is the dosage instructions of mzn?

It can be taken with a teaspoon as is, in water, in porridge or coffee. Dosage is a simple function of weight (1g per 15kg) and a slight over or under dose is not critical or life threatening. The intent is to keep it as simple as possible so that uneducated persons, aids orphans etc. can administer it to themselves and to other children as well.

what is mzn made of?

Made from various ingredients, including pepper, nutmeg and plant sterols. 100% Natural.

Can Children Use MZN?

Yes! MZN is safe for children to use as well, but because of the taste you might have to hide it in their porridge or other foods 🙂

Choose a healthy lifestyle …choose MZN

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