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MZN is currently in process to be registered as a supplementary medicine – health supplement (due to changes in the Medicine Control Act of 2013) that is intended to assist and boost five key areas in people with chronic illness namely: anxiety, the immune system, blood circulation, nausea and anti-oxidants.


MZN is a packaged as a sweet paste that is composed entirely of natural ingredients.  It can be taken with a teaspoon as is, in water, in porridge or coffee.  Dosage is a simple function of weight and a slight over or under dose is not critical or life threatening.  The intent is to keep it as simple as possible so that uneducated persons, aids orphans etc. can administer it to themselves and to other children as well.

It is registered with Nappi Code: 704027 *001.


Various, including pepper, nutmeg and plant sterols.

Primary use:

MZN was primarily developed as a supplement to support cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

As matters progressed it was found to also assist in:

  • Relieving the symptoms of a Spastic Colon;
  • Reduce Cholesterol;
  • Aid liver function;
  • Stabilise blood glucose (which aids in diabetics);
  • To boost the immune system of persons that are HIV positive; as well as
  • Benefit people exposed to chronic exercise such as athletes.

Download the document below to read the study done at the University of Milan and for more information.