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    Welcome to MZN (Medizyne Zonder Naam)! Read more to find out how MZN will change your life and lifestyle!

    What is MZN?

    MZN is a 100% natural cream coloured paste that is composed entirely of natural ingredients. It has an extremely sweet taste that originates from the Stevia plant which is used as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are essential for the survival of all living things and your health! Other ingredients include herbs such as Ginger, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Arnica, Rooibos, Plant steroles and Primrose Oil.

    MZN is currently in the process of being registered as supplementary medicine – health supplement. The product is manufactured in a laboratory that is registered according to the regulations prescribed by the authorities involved.

    Why MZN?

    MZN was primarily developed as a supplement to support and boost the immune system of Cancer patients undergoing Radio- and Chemotherapy and as more research was done on the product, it was also found that it (among others):

    • assist in relieving the symptoms of a spastic colon
    • aids liver function
    • stabilizes blood glucose, therefore supporting the Pancreas
    • Also supports the kidneys and liver, assisting with filtering
    • boosts the immune system in general
    • assist persons with HIV/Aids
    • benefits persons who chronically exercise and many more
    • generally boosting a person’s immune system, whether having an ailment or not


    It was found that MZN binds to white bloods cell receptor 5 making it difficult for a virus to bind to that receptor, therefore fighting off viruses!


    TreatmentDateViral LoadCD4No of Children
    ARV + MZN30/05/200551 9691 09580
    30/10/2008 8 934 847
    MZN ONLY30/05/200562 4601 04743
    24 757 962

    MZN was provided to the ‘Village of Hope’ in Dodoma, Tanzania where it
    was given to approximately 40 orphan children that are HIV positive. MZN was given in combination with anti-retroviral medicine and the children’s viral load and CD4 counts were monitored over time by the Hospital of Rome. In the figure below a decrease in the CD4 (white cell count) can be
    seen with only MZN and a slight increase with ARV and MZN in combination. However the average white cell count with only MZN alone is more than in the case with the combination. The trend that will initially happen is that when the viral load goes down there will be a decrease in the CD4 because of the white cells dying off when fighting the virus.


    The study was conducted by Prof P.E. Kruger from the Institute for Sport Research at the University of Pretoria. There was a statistically significant decline in the total Cholesterol scores from the onset of the experiment at day 0 until the third month. This decline seemed to be steady from one month to the next with significant decreases from month to month. There was also a significant decline in the Triglyseride scores. The largest
    differences occurred between the onset of the experiment at day 0 and after 1 month. Secondly, another significant decline occurred between 1 and 2 months.


    MZN was given to 14 diabetic patients over a 6 week period and their blood glucose values monitored. The results can be seen in the graph below. MZN has a definite stabilizing effect on blood glucose levels Aside from the benefit to the patient, the secondary benefit is in an increase of approximately 20% to 25% in productivity due to the neutralization of the feeling of ‘lethargy’ brought about by fluctuating blood glucose levels.

    Blood Glucose Levels
    Diabetic Patients

    So why MZN for a healthy lifestyle?

    It is 100% natural!

    It strengthens the body’s resistance against viruses!

    It strengthens and build immunity!

    Assist with repairing muscles after intense training sessions!

    So don’t delay! Get your life-changing MZN product today.

    MZN 150g @ R300 (Excl Delivery) | MZN 450g @ R750 (Excl Delivery)